A Free SEO Guide For Your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be quite a daunting subject for the newbie. It is not as difficult as many people believe but it is not so easy either. Here are some of the more common mistakes to avoid and the strategies you can use instead to help your SEO campaign achieve its maximum effect.

search engine optimisation

The most common mistake that people make is creating ‘link farms ‘site farms’. This is one of the biggest mistakes that an SEO agency can make because this is what causes a lot of low rankings for the site.

When people create an SEO campaign, they can choose a topic or a keyword that they think is going to make a lot of money. They then turn this into a database of content, which they then do link building for.

What happens here is that they often choose the same content over again for every page of the site in their SEO campaign and this is what results in a page ranking below the average. So why not try out something different?

For example try creating web pages that offer up content in less than 500 words. You could then go onto link building sites and offer up a free report on this page to help build a relationship.

Then what you could do is offer up a one page report with link backs from two of the top sites in your niche and get them both to link back to your web page. At the same time you could also offer a free report on a different topic to get some organic links.

This is only one example of how you can add to the value of your website by using the link building. With the right plan and some testing you should be able to build links without over doing it and still gain some more.

The other thing you can do to get link juice to your website is to offer up a free email address. After all we all know that emails go straight into the junk pile and that people hate having to constantly hunt for them so why not take advantage of this?

This can be a good way to build links without having to spend any money on email marketing and building your email list. Give people a chance to sign up for your free newsletter and some you can then encourage them to visit your website.

There are two types of link building, which are called inbound and outbound. Inbound link building means that you will build links from directories and other websites in your niche to your own.

Outbound link building refers to the number of links you have. By building links, you can improve your rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing and it can also help increase your traffic.

Although it is never easy to keep track of all the SEO strategies and techniques that you need to make a huge difference with your campaign you can use this free SEO guide as a way to build some links and build some of your backlinks. It will give you a full list of link building tools, techniques and even the quick and easy tips for developing great content.